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About Tourism & Hospitality Emergency Recovery

Tourism & Hospitality Emergency Recovery (THER) is a national workforce recovery initiative to:

  • Help people who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic reconnect to the tourism and hospitality sector.
  • Attract new workers, particularly young people and recent graduates, to the sector.
  • Support tourism and hospitality businesses as they embark on the path to recovery.

THER is led by OTEC and funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre and the Government of Ontario.

About OTEC

OTEC, the Ontario Tourism Education Corporation, is a not-for-profit organization delivering award-winning skills training, consulting, research and insight – guiding workforce strategy and evidence-based investment for a wide variety of industries, business and destinations.

OTEC has built the SkillsPath Platform leveraging the technology of FutureFit AI.

About FutureFit AI

FutureFit AI uses over 350 Million global talent profiles, live labor market data and projections, and proprietary algorithms to identify an individual’s skills, recommend possible career paths, and create a personalized roadmap of learning programs, career support resources, and coaching to drive successful job outcomes. FutureFit AI’s work in using AI to support reskilling efforts and reimagine layoffs through outskilling has been recognized and covered by the Wall Street Journal, World Economic Forum, US Government, UK Government, and Nesta.